About Us

Kids4Kids Florida Charities, Inc (incorporated in Florida)

One Goal: "Kids Helping Kids"

The goal of the corporation is to arrange fun, healthy events for children in order to help less fortunate children.

We have raised over $60,000 for local children's charities over the last 10 years.

Principal Organizers

O2B Kids

O2B Kids is an "edutainment" facility for children ages 0 - 13 that provides an unprecedented variety of family fun, care, and enrichment activities. Some of the services include Pre-school, Afterschool and a multitude of classes for members including Karate, Spanish, gymnastics, music, dance, cheer, drama, art, science and computers.

All Kidz Student Organization

The inaugeral student organization, this pilot program is aimed at providing students interested in making a difference the opportunity to work with children with disabilities. We aim to increase the participation of children with disabilties, both through the provision of medical equipment not otherwise afforded to them and by giving them opportunities to participate in community based events with their peers and family.



Official Information:

Kids4Kids Florida Charities Inc.
440 SW 18th Court
Pompano Beach, Florida 33060


Tim Day & Joli Day

Special Awards

  • Powerhouse Award
  • Left It All On The Course Award
  • Never Say Quit Award